Xperia Ear
After announcing the device at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Sony has shown a lot more of their Xperia Ear ‘smart product’.

So what is it? Sony describes the Xperia Ear as their first ‘in-ear and hands-free Smart Product that brings a new way of communicating’. Essentially it’s a conduit from you to your phone, it talks to you and you talk back asking it to perform functions that are completed on your phone – anything from telling you the weather in the morning to scheduling or cancelling appointments.

That interaction is powered by ‘Sony Agent Technology’ as well as a proximity sensor which activates the ear bud when you put it in your ear.

The utility will then come down to how much you prefer the Xperia Ear vs just using a stereo bluetooth headset with mic and the voice assistant on your phone rather than Sony’s assistant. The proof will be as they say in the pudding, and for that we’ll have to get hands-on with the Xperia Ear for testing.

The Xperia Ear will be available to purchase in select markets from November, but no pricing has been announced at this stage.

Source: Sony.