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pixel phoneIf the latest rumours around Googles imminent new phones, the 5″ Sailfish and 5.5″ Marlin  are to be believed then the devices will be dropping the Nexus branding. According to Android Police, their ‘sources’ the new names for these HTC built Google phones will be Pixel and Pixel XL.

That’s right, Google own hardware brand Pixel, formerly used for Chromebooks and then the Pixel C Android Tablet, might now be used on their Android phones. With the Nexus brand behind them, there is little doubt that a Pixel brand would be a big winner with the majority of the Google hardware geeks and thus a good move by Google.

The Pixel line has always distinguished itself with a premium build and excellent specs. With what we’ve seen of the new devices via leaks and rumours I have no qualms in accepting the new Google phones and rightful members of the Pixel family.

This raises the question of the two rumoured Android Wear watches, Angelfish and Swordfish, that Google may be releasing alongside the Pixel phones. Could these two new watches also be Pixel branded? This would definitely make some send in light of today’s leak, it would give the Pixel line and almost complete range of Google OS hardware, except a TV and a car – hmm there’s a rumour in that!.

Marlin sailfish

What does this mean for Nexus? To be honest, it’s too early, perhaps Nexus will remain for another device that Google feels still need their guiding input. Perhaps the phones migrating to Pixel is a sign that Google believes the OEMs have matured in their phone hardware and no longer need their reference designs?

Whatever the future holds we won’t have long to wait. If Google sticks to their typical timelines we may be seeing these devices launch before the end of this month.

How do you feel about Google branding their phone Pixel? How do you feel about these HTC built phones being a Pixel? Let us know below.

Source: Android Police.

Duncan Jaffrey   Journalist

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards

If Pixel is a quality brand name let’s hope this is is reflected in the actual quality of the hardware. For me, Google don’t have a great track record in hardware devices. So they have to walk the quality talk, not just hope that a rebranding exercise will be the silver bullet.

Paul Miller
Ausdroid Reader

One accepts the occasional typo or grammatical error on this site but couldn’t just a little bit of proof-reading be done before articles are posted?

“According to Android Police, their ‘sources’ the new names for these…”

“That’s right, Google own hardware brand Pixel..”

“I have no qualms in accepting the new Google phones and rightful members of the Pixel family.”

“This would definitely make some send in light of today’s leak”

“it would give the Pixel line and almost complete range of Google OS hardware ”

“another device that Google feels still need their guiding input.”

and all this is without being picky regarding punctuation.

Daniel Narbett
Daniel Narbett

With the best will in the world towards Ausdroid writers, I felt the same reading this one – some slip-ups are fine and expected on a fast-paced site, but the typos in this piece felt way out of control as a reader


Oh good, so you’re joining up to donate your time 24/7 as editor when?


Sorry Nexus 5, you’ve been good to me.

Russell Fletcher
Ausdroid Reader

Puts all the names under a single brand/hat.
I don’t really see Googles intent in doing these hardware items changing… pixel can still be the reference design, just under an different name.
Preferred Android Silver as a name.

With HTC rumored to be doing the phone… could they also be doing the watches too… they have been long rumored to be do a watch but nothing ever comes of it.



The only ‘Pixel’ hardware has been horribly expensive. This branding seems stupid, since what scope do they have for naming next year’s model? Pixel 2 XL+? It’s going to end up sounding like a razor. The only rational I can come up with is PixelChrome, but frankly it doesn’t make Pixel any better a name.

Oh, and the other rumours have a launch on 4th Oct, and a new 4K Chromecast with it (called it a while back).

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