Android Pay Day Rewards
The launch of Android Pay has been going well so far with new banks signing on almost weekly since they launched back in July. Contactless payments are live (if your bank supports it), Android Pay payment options are slowly arriving and it looks like Google is looking to start incentivising more users to start using the service, launching the Australian version of their Pay Day Rewards program.

The Android Pay, Pay Day Rewards program launched in the UK a little over a month after the service launched there in May. UK Android Pay customers have so far been offered deals on coffee, or up to £5 off a takeaway delivery from Android Pay partner Deliveroo.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 5.45.29 AM

The Australian Android Pay Day Rewards site is live now, but there’s unfortunately no offers live yet with users being advised to ‘Keep checking back for new offers’. It also appears from the source code, to be a simple copy of the UK site with tags advising deals for ‘Celebrate pay day with 2 for 1 Frappuccino® at Starbucks or £5 off your 1st Deliveroo order when you pay with Android Pay. Find out more. Terms apply’.

Exactly what offers could be offered as incentives to use Android Pay is open to interpretation. Google lists several partners on their Android Pay micro-site such as Glora Jeans Coffee, pizza stores Crust, Dominos and Pizza Capers, or even food delivery services Delieroo and Eat Now – all retailers commonly associated with offering 2-for-1, or discounts on their wares, but there’s a lot more partners there to choose from.

The US too is not above getting incentives for using Android Pay, Google has so far given away Chromecast dongles, and Android Mini Collectibles to users to encourage them to use Android Pay. Even at Google I/O, those developers willing to pay for merchandise with Android Pay were given a free Android Mini collectible figure just for doing so.

While there’s nothing live on the site as yet, we’ll be keenly watching the site waiting for the addition of a deal – fingers crossed for a good one.

What incentive deals would you like to see added to encourage you to use Android Pay?

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    Yianni soc

    I don’tuse credit cards, and moving my debit accounts would mean switching home loans etc (i’m with westpac). Do you think there will ever be a pre-paid account type option with Android Pay, or can link to your Google Play Account?

    Chris Croft

    Pity I can’t use as none of my credit cards (Suncorp,Commbank, 28Degrees) are supported.


    Ditch one of your cards, and get one that is supported. That’s what I did. 🙂