Google Search
From New York to Paris, Melbourne to Milan, you’re going to get a front row seat to Fashion Week around the globe. While up north they’re heading into Autumn, we’re getting Spring fashions down under and Google is giving you a front row seat.

In Google Search results, top designers and brands such as Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney will be sharing inside information before, during and after the shows, right in Google Search. This includes checking out all the runway shots and images from the shows themselves.

According to Google, you’ll also be able to purchase fashions right from the runway from designers such as Burberry and Tom Ford, as well as being able to shop fashions from the current season from designers such as Prada, Christopher Kane and more.

It’s not exactly what I was planning on searching this week, but if you consider yourself the next Gok Wang, type Fashion Week into Google Search over the next week to check it out.

Source: Google Search Blog.