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The Pixel C is a beautifully designed Android tablet, and in our minds the best one available on the market at the moment. But it started life as a Chrome OS device and Google is mixing their messages sending out an email to their Google Store mailing list customers showing the Pixel C running Chrome OS.

The email is being sent to promote the ‘Back to School’ sale the US Google Store is running at the moment with discounts on the Pixel C ($75USD off), Chromecast/Chromecast Audio ($5USD off). The focus of the email is productivity, so it’s possible that this picture included in the email is just taking some liberties:

Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 2.53.25 PM

In an exhaustive look at the history of the Pixel C last year, Ars Technica blogger Ron Amadeo showed that the device was originally meant to run Chrome OS, or even a mesh of Android and Chrome OS, but was eventually re-purposed to simply run Android.

The Pixel line was originally Chrome OS devices, but with the Pixel C that line blurred and with rumours of Pixel branded phones that line could be blurred again. Pixel could be the new catchall term for Google hardware, though the premium price tag of previous Pixel devices doesn’t bode well for Google fans looking for low-cost devices.

The Pixel C operates quite well as an Android tablet, with Nougat and it’s split screen function enhancing the Pixel C usability to a new level. But as a very regular user of Chrome OS I really wouldn’t mind having the Pixel C converted to a Chrome OS device. The attraction of a full Chrome browser with Chrome extensions installed as well as Android Apps via Google Play on Chrome OS on a dual-format,smaller form factor device is extremely attractive to me.

It’s easy to make a mistake with a render, it’s probably is a mistake made by a Googler under pressure to fire out a sale email, but I just can’t help thinking it would be nice to have Chrome OS on my Pixel C tablet.

Via: reddit.
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    David Hyman

    I love my Pixel C. It’s fast and has become my primary computer. I honestly don’t think I would benefit from it running Chrome OS oven Android. Being able to rearrange Windows like on a laptop would be a total pain without having a mouse.

    You have to do things a certain way with Android (or any OS really) and once you get used to it it’s a wonderful experience.


    Personally can’t agree with this. Have an Xperia Z4 Tablet + Keyboard which functions the same as the Pixel C and I find it a pain to use due to lack of multiscreen. Atleast Nougat’s going to fix this issue.

    David Hyman

    I’ve been running N for a long time and it definitely makes a huge difference

    Patrick Rebondy

    Ready to buy a Pixel C Chrome OS keyboard ? Yeeeeessss!

    Max Luong

    Android tablets don’t make sense any more, now that ChromeOS has Play Store.

    The initial work on getting ChromeOS running on the Pixel C was already done, so I don’t think it would be hard for Google to release a new version with an OS change… It’s a tantalising thought…