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Looking for some new games, then the Humble Mobile Bundle 20 has arrived to scratch that gaming itch.

The latest bundle is a mish-mash of genres, games and studios. The good news for Android TV owners is that all but two of the games – Shooting Stars! and Cosmonautica – are compatible with Android TV consoles like the Nexus Player. So what can you get in this bundle?

  • Pay $1 or more for Cloud Chasers, Last Horizon, and Tomb Raider 1 & 2.
  • Pay more than the average price and you’ll also get Always Sometimes Monsters and Shooting Stars!.
  • Pay $5 or more for all of that plus Space Grunts and Cosmonautica.

The usual payment methods of Credit Card, Amazon Payment or PayPal are available and you can split your payments between the developers, the Humble Bundle team and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity.

You will of course need to side-load the games as they’re provided as APKs, but that’s not too great a chore. The Humble Bundle Android App is of course the best way to access your games and is a good way to keep track of the titles you already have – but you’ll have to side-load it too.

Head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website if you’re interested in picking up any of these titles.

Source: Humble Bundle.