Digital Skies
NSW Fair Trading has today issued a warning to consumers against dealing with Digital Skies Group, who trades as android-enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur due to consumer losses totalling $150,000.

The public warning comes on the back of growing concerns from Australian consumers. NSW Fair Trading says they have received numerous complaints, ‘primarily concerned with the quality of goods sold, the acceptance of payment without supplying the goods, the supply of goods not suitable for the Australian market and other Australian Consumer Law offences’.

A search of Australian forum sites such as Whirlpool and Product Review show the company has received numerous complaints from customers, though does have some positive feedback.

Android-enjoyed sells a range of smartphones, tablets and accesories, while Camera Sky trades mainly in cameras with Klukkur concentrating on watches, sunglasses and pens.

The three websites are online only businesses, though a number of Australian phone numbers are listed across the stores on their websites. The site also lists a PO Box in Parramatta Westfield as a physical address here in Australia.

The announcement advises that Fair Trading has been unable to make contact with the business owner despite numerous attempts. Something at least one Ausdroid reader has experienced.

Fair Trading is requesting that any Australian consumer who has had dealings with any of the companies involved and are not satisfied with their interaction, to contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or visit

Source: NSW Fair Trading.
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    This company advertised a lens for sale, i contacted them they confirmed they had stock, so i paid $2500 to them in Jan 2018. in Feb no lens had arrived so rang and cancelled, refund policy takes 25 days. In March still no refund, in April no refund. Contact Business n consumer affairs in May, they suggest i contact my bank. I contacted the bank and a few weeks later they charge back Camera Sky and i have my money back from this dishonest company who hope you go away without your refund.


    I don’t understand why the government is not taking action and the company still exist to this day.

    Barbie De Witt

    Not fair that these companies are allowed to get ABN’s and look like Australian Companies. Only when you are burnt do you find out that they are not legitimate. I am so angry at myself for using Camera Sky.


    Poor service, long delivery time, misleading information, do not buy from this company, good chance you will regret it!

    There are many other companies out there that do better that this, I wish I had done my homework, now I am living with what I cannot change. They say they offer a service, really?

    Yianni soc

    Way too many so called Aussie “” businesses with ABN, shelf Street addresses and Aussie numbers confusing Australian consumers.
    That’s the overlying problem here. People think they’re buying local. The don’t get GST Tax invoices or local support.
    Prices are cheaper by 10% tho. So that’s a thing.


    In my experience Camera Sky has been fantastic. I’ve bought a Fuji X-T1 camera, four lenses and even recommended a work colleague buy a camera and lens from them as well.

    There goods were in perfect condition, delivered extremely quickly and were priced better than anywhere else I could find. I don’t doubt some people have had issues but I can only say my experience has been entirely positive.


    I hope you are enjoying your employment at Camerasky!


    Oh get real. For goodness sake.