Samsung has issued a further statement this evening, following yesterday evening’s revelation that Australian Galaxy Note7 devices had been susceptible to the battery overheating/fire issue. At close to midnight, Samsung announced that a formal, voluntary recall would commence in Australia, following the news of confirmed local cases.

This evening, Samsung Australia has given us a further update, as follows:

Samsung Electronics Australia can verify two Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia have suffered from the reported battery cell issue. This includes an incident in Perth, WA, that was reported by a customer from Victoria. 

Samsung Electronics Australia recently announced a recall of Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia. For more information, please visit

This news comes as owners of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 are receiving notifications on their devices prompting them to take immediate action:

IMG_2016-09-06 19:22:45

While there are undoubtedly some users who think “it won’t happen to me”, Samsung Australia doesn’t want you to take that chance. If you have or are using a Galaxy Note7, now’s the time to back it up, turn it off, and return it to the place you bought it from to make the appropriate arrangements.

Of course, Samsung can’t compel users to return their devices; it is a voluntary recall, after all. However, given what we now know, and the risk of something going wrong, there really isn’t any sense in taking that chance. If you’re asleep and your phone goes up in smoke, or worse, flames, then things could get bad very quickly. Don’t risk it, folks.

We’re already taking steps to return our Galaxy Note7’s, and you should probably do the same if you haven’t already. We understand that new devices to replace those returned aren’t far away, so users won’t be without their Note7’s for too long.

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