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The Google Play App and Game Deal of the Week continues on, this week bringing a new app and in-app purchases. Time Lapse app Lapse It Pro and a special in-app purchase in War Robots are just 20c this week.

App Deal of the Week
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Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro
Time Lapse is still a bit of a missing feature with some OEMs, so to make up the gap one of the best around is Lapse It Pro.

The app has a huge range of settings you can use to create great time lapse videos up to 1080p resolution. There’s options for exporting to all your favourite places and editing functions let you change the speed of playback. You can create time-lapse movies or even schedule the camera to start/stop when you want.

I’ve been using Lapse It Pro for a long time, I actually purchased it full price years ago, and recently used it on an eating challenge:

The downside to Lapse It Pro is that it’s not updated regularly – the last update was 6 November 2014 – but then it works quite well so there’s no real need to update it. The other is that there’s In-App Purchases which will cost you between $1.99 – $2.99 per item to get some features.

If you want to check out Lapse It Pro, it’s available as a trial – or you can jump into the full 20c version right here.

Game Deal of the Week
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War Robots
Mech Warrior fans, here’s your game! In the same vein as the classic game, you can take control of a massive robot in Robot Wars and fight other giant robots. The game itself is free, but it’s the In-App Purchases that get the focus this week, or to be precise, one in-app purchase.

This week you can get the medium robot Gl. Patton for just 20c when you download and load up War Robots. It’s cheap when you look at the maximum you can spend in IAP in this game is $138.05. So this is a good place to start.

The game itself looks like it has pretty decent graphics, and fighting against giant armed robots is always fun:

If you want to get into War Robots, head over to Google Play, download it and grab the IAP now.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles
War Robots Multiplayer Battles
Developer: PIXONIC
Price: Free+

Pick of the week has to be Lapse It Pro. I’ve used it, love it and it works. But as a Mech Warrior fan I`m tempted to jump into War Robots just to see if it lives up to anywhere near it’s predecessor.

Last weeks deals Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer and Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee are still at 20c each so jump in and grab them while they last.

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    Gave Lapse It a go… ugly app.
    The initial screen looks like something from Gingerbread.
    It hasn’t been updated since 2014 when it got the lollipop API update.
    Obviously doesn’t run the latest camera API from marshmallow… so Nexus 5X images are upside down… which can be fixed in post, but sad that all the thumbnails remain upside down.
    I hope the utility of the app is better than its design… will try downloading other image sets to it to try it out… would be great to have google photos integration for that… but that would require an update.