Android 7 Nougat
Since the launch of the final version of Nougat last month, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P have been waiting for an OTA update to appear on their phones. Now it seems Google has started the rollout with the @GoogleNexus twitter account telling people it’s started.

For a start the @GoogleNexus twitter account seems mighty responsive for Google, but it’s a verified twitter account, so it’s legit. It is however entirely possible the responses being given are canned marketing speak, so keep your pinch of salt handy.

The advice regarding the OTA updates rolling out have been given to several users in response to queries on the long awaited OTA update:

There’s other examples included in the replies section, though nothing to say when we’ll finally see the Factory Images released for the phones to allow users to do a clean wipe and install of the updated OS.

The fastest way to receive the update if you haven’t already is to enroll your device in the Beta program with users being pushed an OTA update to the final Nougat build.

If you’ve been waiting, then you shouldn’t have too much longer to wait to get your taste of Nougat on your Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P.

Source: @GoogleNexus.
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    Jesus Machine

    After enrolling my Nexus 9 in the beta program I ran into a lot of trouble. Upon installation of the ota update 2 of the beta my 9 just went into a bootloop. The only remedy was to reflash marshmallow which I did. After that the tablet would boot only to give multiple corruption messages. Once you got past the Lock screen it would just fail and reboot. I tried everything I could to fix the problem. I rang google support and there rep spoke with me on the phone and ran through everything. She admitted that the beta program… Read more »


    Funny reading stuff like this when I’ve had a beta version of nougat on my 6p for a few weeks now.

    It’s great. Honestly haven’t used the split screen much though.

    Phillip Whetstine

    Been rockin’ the big “N” for a couple of months now. I can say that for me the best part of it is the pull down shade. You can finally reply to emails and texts through the shade.

    Jesus Machine

    That wasn’t a solid confirmation of a rollout. “Coming weeks” isn’t the same as saying it’s out now.


    So did they wait until the LG V20 was announced before starting the OTA to devices?
    Wonder when the 5x will get on the distribution wagon… that beta route is looking promising

    Michael Oesterheld

    I enrolled in the beta program today and got the ITA prompt straight away. Sweet Sweet Nougat! I then u enrolled and lost none of my personal data as the update is not a beta version. So go to it.