Google is always looking for ways to encourage the community to keep Google Maps up to date. To achieve this Google created the Local Guides program, and the latest feature for the Local Guides program has just been announced, Missions. That’s right, you can now go on missions for Google!

What are missions? If you’re a level 4 or 5 Local Guide, and you have the latest version of Google Maps for Android you can go into the “Your contributions” tab and you will see beta new cards to ‘Improve the map near you’. You have 2 missions to choose from, ‘Uncover missing Info’ and ‘Check the facts’.

In Uncover missing info you have to parachute behind enemy lines, no seriously you are provided with a display of all of the known business, landmarks – and a surprising number of ATMs – that do not have all of their information listed. From there you can tap on a POI and add what info you know. When you’re done click next place and you can move onto the next one. You will be prompted to add information such as photos, phone numbers, opening hours and websites.

The Check the facts mission will give you a similar interface to discover POIs that need to have details verified to ensure the crowdsourced data is as accurate as possible. You have the option to confirm, reject or make info as not sure.

Of course being part of the Local Guides program you’ll get points for adding information or photos to the map, it’s unclear if you’ll get points for editing other people’s information, however seeing as the points cost Google almost nothing it’s a safe bet you will.

This is a great update if you are an active mapper who likes to contribute to the map, no longer will you have to open every single listing to see if any information is missing, now your mission fellow level 4 and 5 Local Guides is to go out and get 100% of all business in your local shopping centre up to date!

Are you a level 4 or 5 Local Guide? Are you going out on a mission for Google? Let us know below.

Source: Google.
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I’m only level 3 but these options appear for me


Is being a Local Guide different to “My Contributions” in Maps?


If you’ve got stuff in the your contributions then you are a local Guide!!