Lenovo YogaBook

During their IFA 2016 press event Lenovo showed off many new and interesting products, one of these was the lust-worthy Yoga Book 2-in-1 device. At launch, it was shown off running both Android and Windows 10.

Today we’re hearing that in an interview with Techcrunch Matt Lazare, Yoga Book Campaign Manager at Lenovo, confirmed that they are “very seriously” considering launching a ChromeOS version of the device.

I can tell you that Chrome OS is something that we’re thinking very seriously about, especially with the big upgrades coming down the road that will allow access to the Android app ecosystem. You should look for us to take this hardware platform in Yoga Book and make waves on that front. Obviously, you’ll hear more about that down the road.

To be honest having a Yoga Book running ChromeOS with Android apps makes more sense than the straight Android Version of the device. While seriously considering something doesn’t mean that a product will ever eventual this at least indicates that it is very possible.

Lenovo has a good track record of bringing a selection of their Windows and ChromeOS laptops to Australia, so we’re hopeful that if a new device does eventuate we may see it in Australia, I for one would love to own a ChromeOS Yoga Book.

Would you be interested in a Yoga Book running ChromeOS with Android Apps? Let us know below.

Source: Techradar.
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I haven’t bought a chrome book yet… But this device with chrome OS would get a purchase from me I reckon


Could someone please explain to me what is the big difference between using Android to using Chrome OS?
Is it faster? less memory demanding? more aesthetic?

Daniel Tyson

For me this is simple: Chrome OS offers a full desktop version of Chrome, including all the Extensions, Chrome Apps etc.

Chrome OS devices with verified boot etc. are also a little more secure.

The touch screen on the Yoga Book could also be used to run Android Apps when they come to other devices soon. Best of both worlds basically.

Phill Edwards

That’s an odd announcement. Doesn’t it say “don’t buy this yet because we might bring out a better version soon”? Or do you think the current one would support ChromeOS in future through some sort of upgrade?


No, because of the boot requirements for ChromeOS it would be a slightly different device, I don’t think it would be updated to ChromeOS via an OTA

Adam Purves

Damn, I wish they launched with a chrome version. It really want to give the yoga book a go, but as an android device it’s not worth the jump for me now that I know a chrome version is potentially in the pipeline. It’d be awesome if they had a dual-booting Android/chrome version. Or the ability to add chromeos to the Android verison at a later time. As it stands, I’ll have to pass until news of the chrome version becomes more solid. At least the google pixel 7p looks interesting 😀