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Alongside the official release of the Michael Kors Access smartwatches the fashion house has also released a line of Android compatible fitness trackers. Simply named the Michael Kors Access Activity tracker the devices come in two styles, a thin silicone band, and a wider leather strap.

Australia will be getting the black silicone and rose gold model for $146 AUD as well as two of the strap models, a White leather and rose gold as well as a Brown leather and silver model we don;t have images for as yet, both for $229 AUD.

The Activity tracker offers typical fitness tracking including steps and sleep tracking and can write back to Google Fit. The device also features the “Michael Kors Link” feature which seems to let you set a single activity from your tracker to either ring your phone, control your music or take a photo. We guessing this uses the accelerometer to detect a “tap” and send that back to the app via the Bluetooth 4.1 LE link.

The coin battery will last for “up to four months” before needed o be replaced. As it’s water resistant up to 3 atmospheres, or 30 meters, the battery will most likely need professional changing to maintain that level of protection.

If you want to check out the app it’s live in the play store now.

Michael Kors Access
Michael Kors Access

The Activity Tracker is quite stylish and I think I know what my wife is getting for Christmas.

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