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Vodafone has announced some changes to their Sim only (BYOD) and handset Red plans. What’s new? You can build your own plan, sort of. Starting at the $50 per month sim only month-to-month plan or the $80 per month handset plan you can configure the plan for one of 3 additional bonuses.

Want all the data? Choose the data lover plan and get between 2 – 4 GB of extra data depending on your plan. More interested in international calling? Get the Global plan and receive 300 mins to selected countries and 1000 minutes to ‘super countries’. How about a subscription to Spotify, Stan or the Sydney Morning Herald? You can get the Play plan with 6 or 12 months subscription depending on the contract you get.

Handset Plans

Sim-only plans

The handset plans also come with Vodafone’s New Phone Every Year option. This is similar to other carriers where you have the option to surrender your current phone, in good working order – read resellable – pay a $149 fee and re-contract for 24 months. You can then choose any new device from Vodafone’s line-up.

We’re undecided about these annual new phone plans, especially with the $149 fee, it feels like you’ll end up paying a premium for always having the latest hotness. If you have to have the new thing you might be better off buying and reselling your own devices.

If you’re an existing customer with Vodafone it might be worth looking at the new plans and seeing if you’re better of switching.

Are Vodafone’s DIY plans enough to get you to switch? Let us know below.

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I’ve been with Vodafone a while now but sometimes it seems when they bring new plans out, they are so much worse than the old ones. I’ve got 2-3 months left on contract so we’ll see at that point if it is worth sticking around.


Vodafone has finally given me a reason to leave. The value has dropped. what they offered all on one plan has now been split into three. So you have to pick what you want and the cost on the S7 has actually gone up.


I agree, Not sure why this is on Ausdroid website but Cant wait to get out of Vodafone. They used to offer best bang for your bucks not Anymore. Boost Prepaid, Amaysim offer best value now with good data and included international calls.