Yesterday Apple solved a problem no-one realised they had by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the new iPhone 7. Along with a 3.5mm to lightning adapter and lightning earbuds included in the box, Apple also launched a set of $229AUD bluetooth earphones called ‘AirPods’.

The Apple AirPods are wireless earbuds which offer iOS users a number of features for using them across their devices including easy pairing, simultaneous connection to their iPhone and Apple Watch as well as instant switching to their Mac and iPad. Sounds Magical, but the plus side is that they’re a standard Bluetooth earphone, they just get all that ‘awesome sauce’ when connected to iOS devices.

For anyone wanting to purchase a set, you get 5 hours playback on the AirPods with a charging case that can give them a 3 hour charge in just 15 minutes. The headphones also include microphones for hands-free calling – or if connected to an iOS device will talk to Siri.

However, they do not include the standard controls for play, pause or volume. These features rely on an integration with an iDevice and iCloud. As such they will just be “dumb buds” requiring to use your phone or Android Wear device to control playback. The styling of them is quite nice, I’m sure the audio and speaker quality will be great.

The styling and the ability to stay in your ears has of course been instantly hit upon by the internet community who have all had a field day creating hilarious pictures. Here’s a sample

Without even basic media controls and of course the integration that iOS brings to them when paired, I don’t see these being a big hit outside of the Appleverse with anyone with the possible exception of the me-too crowd. But, if you REALLY want to, it’s nice to know you can get a pair.

Are you interested in putting some AirPods in your ears? Let us know below.

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i have been quite interested in these earbuds systems like the Bragi Dash with noise canccellation, pass through etc. heaps of stuff in a tiny casing
There were some leaks of the Airpods that looked like most of the other systems… but these do not quite cut it from a looks perspective.
The reported battery life looks promising and would set them apart… but no points for style.


AirBuds look like an accident waiting to happen. I looked into my crystal ball and saw that a lot of people will be losing theirs. So Apple will be selling a lot more replacements at full price, thus increasing their profits.

Daniel Narbett

I could be wrong but I think I read yesterday that they only have *2 hours* battery _when used as headset_ i.e. microphone active.

Bluetooth simply chews too much battery to be an every-time solution. I read some comments from Apple execs saying it was ‘inevitable’ that all listening devices would soon go wireless, but…I guess they don’t go camping any more.

(Yeah lightning port headphones have a different set of characteristics, but this comment is about the wireless solution – as is the article!)


The Simpsons did it.
Sorry, Samsung did it 🙂

Jamie S

Seriously, the first person I see in public wearing those things I’m gonna tap them on the shoulder and tell them how ridiculous they look. Other than removing the headphone jack the iPhone 7 and 7+ look pretty good, not that I’ll be buying one


I would like to have you try that with me.

Phill Edwards

This alI sounds like Apple clutching at innovation straws.


Not innovation straws, profits. They now own the only input and output port on the device, which is a proprietary connector that 3rd parties have to pay a licence to Apple to use. It’s nickel and dimeing consumers and at their volume that’s big dollars

Yianni soc

Wow, well said Duncan. Never heard it explained so clear and succinct before.


Instead of calling this profiteering, I think we could call it portiteering or proprietering… Either way you look at it Apple are the master at knowing how to bleed money out of people for innovation that doesn’t really exist.

Dean Rosolen

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.