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If you’re a mad keen Android Mini Collector you’ll be aware that Andrew Bell, the artist behind Dead Zebra announced a new ‘artist series’ of Android minis were launching soon. They’re now on-sale from Dead Zebra officially but they’ll cost you $250 for a box.

The artist series is in its 6th edition, with the Android minis inside made of vinyl and decorated by various artists.

The box contains 16 Androids which contains a complete set of 13 standards, as well as a ‘chase’ Android, but as there are 3 chase Androids you’ll probably have your work cut out for you. We’ve been checking out all the figures in the ‘Meet The Androids‘ series but my personal favourites are the Sheen, flat Purple, King/Queen, Švytėjimas’ and Hot Dog droids.

Now, you like them? How much are you willing to pay? Unfortunately there’s no official Australian importer listed on the Dead Zebra website. Melbourne retailer PopCultcha used to import them but they’ve not shown any interest for the last few years. So, if you want them you’ll have to import them from the US, or China.

The Androids are priced at $144USD on the Dead Zebra website with a $51 shipping fee – that’s $195USD or around $253AUD. You can save a few dollars by purchasing them from Chinese website HypePulse, who will ship them to you for HKD 1,160.00 + HKD 480 shipping – that’s just over $248AUD.

If you’re a massive Android Mini fan, these are a must-buy, but you’d better be ready to pay for them.

Source: Dead ZebraHypePulse.