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If you’ve been waiting to grab a bargain on that series you’ve been wanting to watch, then now is the time with Google offering 50% off a season of a TV Show on Google Play.

The offer seems partially targetted, with some people seeing a banner in Google Play on their Android device – it doesn’t seem to have transitioned to the web. The good news is that we’ve done some testing and found it works if you go to Google Play, hit the redeem button and enter the code ‘AUTV50‘.


The offer is only valid in Australia for purchases made before September 29th with a compatible Google Play Acccount.

The offer is for a single season, but hey, we like to push the boundaries and I just purchased the complete series (4 seasons) of Legend of Korra for half price.

If you’re wanting to kick back with some great TV this weekend, then this offer is for you. Head over to Google Play and enter the code and see what you can find.

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    Well that’s Dr Who season 4 – getting there slowly. Next code in a couple of months please. 🙂


    How do you use it multiple times? Mines says the code has already been redeemed.

    Daniel Tyson

    Some shows have an option to purchase the complete series as well as season by season.


    Is there a way to sort/find shows that can be bought as complete other than clicking on to them one by one?

    Daniel Tyson

    Not that I’ve found unfortunately, I just have some saved in my Wishlist as I’ve found them.


    Doing likewise, tossing up Sopranos or X Files… I’m think even with Sopranos being a rebuy of DVDs, that’s probably how it will go down


    Excellent, I already had Legend of Korra but had been wanting to pickup Avatar Last Airbender and now I have!


    I also have a banner for 75% off any one movie rental, on the same “Movies and TV” page as the 50% off a season of TV, good deal!

    Alistair Luckman

    Game of Thrones Seasons 1-6 for $68!