After weeks of wondering, Google has finally posted the factory image for the Huawei made Nexus 6P today, ending speculation as to the whereabouts.

The factory image for Android 7.0.0 (NRD90U) is now available to download and flash for those wanting to put a clean version of the latest version of the Android OS on their phones. Google has also posted the 7.0.0 (NRD90U) OTA update on their OTA update page.

Users who updated their Nexus 6P to Nougat by enrolling their phone in the Beta program received an update to Nougat build NRD90M, with the U update available now also containing the September Security update announced on Wednesday.

If you’ve been waiting for code to be pushed, the update to AOSP is happening right now, so for ROM builders the exciting times are about to start.

Source: Nexus Files page.
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Ugh, now i have to go hunting to see if Xposed works on N, I’d rather not upgrade than lose Gravity Box


How can I flash this image over the top of my Vodafone image to remove my N6P from the clutches of Vodafone? Is there a way to do it without rooting the phone?


Easy enough. Download the factory image, open it, and edit the flash-all.bat (or, depending on your operating system), and find the bit that says fastboot update -w or whatever, and remove the “-w” tag, that’s the “wipe” flag. That SHOULD update without wiping your data, but back it up anyway just to be sure.

Jesus Machine

No Shamu? I’ve given up. I feel like this release of Android is going to be a bit bumpy 🙁

Phill Edwards

Do you think 5X is coming soon?

Daniel Tyson

Nexus 5X Nougat factory image has been out for a whole. OTA with September security update should be out shortly.