As we announced yesterday, the long awaited Pokémon Go Plus bluetooth accessory will go on-sale in Australia on the 16th of September. Today the pre-order announcements have started with EB Games advising that pre-orders begin on Monday the 12th of September at 12pm.

You’ll want to get in fast too with EB advising a limit of one per customer with the band only be available in limited quantities. The band will cost a fairly high $49.95 when it launches next Friday, though the price is only slightly higher than expected with the band expected to go on-sale in the US for $34.99 on the same date.


The Pokémon Go Plus can be worn on your wrist and vibrates when you either walk past a Pokémon or a Pokéstop. The accessory connects to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, allowing you to continue playing the game without using your phone. The device vibrates at the correct times letting you either refill your essential Pokémon catching supplies or catch a Pokémon with a tap of a button.

We’ll have hands-on with the accessory as soon as they go on-sale, but if you want to ensure you get yours, better line up Monday to check it out.

Source: EBGames.