The inexorable rollout of Android Pay support continues today with Select ENCOMPASS Credit Union adding Android Pay support for their customers.

The Select Encompass Credit Union website has now added a micro-site for Android Pay advising customers on how to add a card and some basics on how Android Pay works. Select Encompass Credit Union appears to only have one credit card available, a Visa card, so if you’re a customer of Select you should now be able to add it.

As with all other Android Pay systems, it’s tap and pay for purchases up to $100, with a pin required for purchases after that.

With the addition of Select Encompass Credit Union, Android Pay now boasts 40 Australian Banks or Credit Unions offering their customers the option to use Android Pay. ANZ was on-board from the start, as was AMEX and Macquarie Bank with ING Direct and Bendigo Bank notable additions after the initial launch.

There’s more still coming though with Westpac and St George two of the largest, their social media accounts are advising they are working on it with a launch coming but no dates have been given. Our initial leak of banks coming to Android Pay shows we’re still waiting on a number of smaller institutions and we’re watching those carefully.

But today it’s all about Select Encompass Credit Union and if you’re a customer, you can head to Google Play, download the Andrdoid Pay app and add your card. Let us know how you go.

Google Pay
Google Pay
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Price: Free
Source: Select Encompass Credit Union.