The countdown to the launch of HTC manufactured Google Pixel branded phones, called the Pixel and the Pixel XL is on. A part of any phone launch is of course the accessories that fit the phone. It appears the factories are ramping up case production with a TPU case for the Pixel XL leaking on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Looks like this is an old render, but the case is still new.

Though the Pixel XL is specified, the rumoured information so far points to both the Pixel and Pixel XL both looking the same, differing only in screen size/resolution and battery capacity.

The case is your usual rubberised TPU style case, fitting the phone snugly around the body but leaving holes for the fingerprint sensor, USB-C port, and it seems the camera and visor at the top of the rear of the phone which will likely contain the camera, NFC and possibly laser auto-focus. The phone also has moulded buttons for the volume rocker and power button.

From the branding on some of the pics, it appears this is an AUMI branded case, though TPU cases tend to be free of branding due to their snug, compact nature. The Weibo post also contains information about the case itself, which seems to afford the phone some shock protection.

There’s two pics in the leak which seems to show the phone case with three holes present at the base, presumably for the ‘Bottom firing speakers’ we’ve heard about in previous leaks, which will sit either side of the USB-C port.

The phone itself looks as we’ve come to expect thanks to previous leaks but if speculation is right we may be getting more colour options beyond the grey seen in this render this time around.

Google is expected to announce the Pixel, and Pixel XL at an event on October 4th, with our sources pointing to the phones becoming available in Australia on October 20th.

Source: Weibo.
Via: AndroidPure.
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    does anyone know if pixel phones will have an ip rating


    Pixel and pixel XL are exactly the same? Sure? But which one is more premium?

    Mike Stevens

    From what I understand, the main differences will be battery size and ram. Other than that, they’re largely identical inside, iirc.


    Don’t forget different screen size and physical size!

    Mike Stevens

    Haha, sorry, I took those as givens 😉


    Screen size AND screen resolution.


    I did remember previous post about different designs and xl is definitely much better than the other one.