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What’s better than a discount from the Google Play Store? Three discounts from the Google Play Store. Google is offering action movies from $5.99, books from $4.99 and albums from $7.99 in their September deals promotion.



Discounted movies include American Sniper, John Wick, Ex_Machina, Oblivion and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, most of the $5.99 movies are in SD so you’ll need to throw down some extra cash if you want HD versions of many of them. You can check out the titles below or go grab one for yourself here.




There’s a wide variety of books on offer everything from  Doctor Smurf to romance, action, fantasy novels and more.  I have to admit outside of the Smurf books I didn’t recognise many of the authors or series but if you’re a voracious reader I  bet there’s something for you.  You can see all the books on offer here or check them out below.




If you’re a Google Play All Access subscriber, or a YouTube red member, you may not be in the market to buy music, however, the problem with streaming music is it’s only available to stream while Google has a deal for that content. If there is an album you just have to have, forever, you may want to check out the titles and see if there is something you want to add to your permanent collection.

You can check out all of the titles below or follow the link.


Are you going to grab a discount? Let us know.

Source: Google Play Movies, Books, and and Albums.

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