According to an APK teardown by Pokemon Go Hub, it looks like Pokemon Go will soon be coming to Android Wear. From the teardown it looks like the latest update to Pokemon Go (v0.37.0) brought with it full support not only for the recently announced Pokemon Go Plus first party accessory, but similar integration for Android Wear.

Now, even with a tear down, all that can be confirmed is that code has been developed to allow certain functions, and just because the code is there doesn’t mean it will make it to the initial or subsequent releases. With that disclaimer what does it look like we will be able to do with the Android Wear app?

  • Runs in the background (ie not open on phone or watch)
  • Collect items from Pokestops
  • Track Pokemon
  • Capture Pokemon

Catching Pokemon, while listed, is a little less clear. The apple Watch version of the app does not seem to allow you to catch Pokemon, like the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, so we would be surprised if the Android Wear version does. Additionally, we’re surprised it doesn’t have step integration for hatching eggs, this would be an extremely useful feature and would be a big omission for parity with the Pokemon Go Plus and the Apple watch version.

Whilst nothing is confirmed until it’s actually released (perhaps at the October 4th Nexus event?) it’s likely that the Android Version will get all the same features as the other smart watch implementations.

Are you a Pokemon Go player with an Android Wear device? Tell us what features you want to see on an Android Wear app.

Source: Pokemon Go Hub.