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If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer and been having issues using Facebook or Facebook Messenger in the last week, you’re not alone with Virgin Mobile advising that customers using ‘certain’ Android devices are experiencing issues.

The information is a little vague, but it appears to be affecting a number of handsets including we can confirm the LG G3. The issue does seem to have been ongoing for around a week now, with one user advising us it’s been happening since the last Facebook update.

Virgin Mobile has described the issue on their support page:

We are aware of an issue where some customers are unable to log into the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps on certain Android devices. We are continuing to work with Facebook and our networks team to understand what the issue is and deploy a fix. We apologise for the delay, we can assure you that our teams have been working to resolve the issue as soon as we became aware of it. We appreciate how important these apps are to many people and can assure you it’s being looked at by the most senior team.

The problem occurs when users attempt to login to Facebook with an error advising them to check their network connection pops up:

The issue seems to only affect the app, with customers being advised to use the mobile website to access the popular social network. A number of people do already use this measure to circumvent other issues with Facebook including having to download Facebook Messenger as a standalone app.

Virgin Mobile has advised that they are currently working to resolve the issue with Facebook engineers however timezones are a factor in the resolution process. With the popularity of Facebook, it’s definitely being looked at with a lot of resources so the best bet is to sit back and wait for a resolution.

Virgin Mobile will continue to update their support page as more information comes to hand.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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    I’m with virgin. My
    fb went down 2nd sep and I uninstalled and reinstalled older version which was working fine until phone auto updated fb last week, now fb has stopped working again and messenger is down as well. May be time to change providers!


    Yeah, this is true since the last update of both (mine updated Friday 2nd Sept or so).

    You can remove the SIM and both apps work fine (when on Wifi) but soon as you reinsert the SIM it screws up again.

    David Longworth

    I can confirm that this happened on my Note 7 after the Facebook app update last week. I tried reinstall and issue still remained. I now have a loan S7 Edge and it too has this issue. Btw the issue also occurs when connected to Wifi so not isolated to Virgin network.

    Samuel Lockhart

    I noticed this last week on my Galaxy S4 with CM13 after I’d updated the app. I rolled back to the previous version with Titanium Backup. I didn’t at all expect it to be carrier related seeing as it does it on wifi as well as 4G.


    my wifes Sony M5 has had the same issues… and my mum’s Sony C4
    my Z3 compact, no worries.

    Andreas Koepke

    This has been driving my wife bonkers for the last week. I ended up downloading the Facebook Lite APK and installing that on her phone which at least does work. She has the Samsung GS5 LTE.

    Alistair Nitz

    I have had the same problem on my Nexus 5, which I believe is based on the LG G3. I can only get into Facebook via chrome on my phone.


    Good, not just me. Had to download a third party app instead to access Facebook and Messenger.