The Humble Mobile Bundle 20 which launched last week has today added two new games to the bundle with ten games now available for anyone willing to pay $5USD.

The Humble Bundle of course doesn’t require you to pay $5USD, you can get some games for just $1USD if that’s all your budget allows for. If however you want the lot, you can now get Circa Infinity and NO THING as part of the premium level bundle. The bundles now look like this:

  • Pay $1 or more for Cloud Chasers, Last Horizon, and Tomb Raider 1 & 2.
  • Pay more than the average price and you’ll also get Always Sometimes Monsters, Shooting Stars!, NO THING, and Circa Infinity.
  • Pay $5 or more for all of that plus Space Grunts and Cosmonautica.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 20 can be purchased using Credit Card, Amazon Payment or PayPal, you can also split your payments between the developers, the Humble Bundle team and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity.

If you haven’t grabbed the Humble Mobile Bundle 20 as yet, you have 7 days to do so before it’s gone forever. Head to the Humble Bundle website now to check it out.

Source: Humble Bundle.