If you weren’t aware, everyone’s favourite billionaire, dark-knight super hero Batman has his own day apparently, celebrating the first appearance of the character in Detective Comics #27 back in May 1939. This year Batman Day occurs on September 26th, so to make sure you’re up to date before then you can get deals on Batman comics from Google Play Books.

The sale has begun and runs through until the 19th of September, with discounts on a bunch of great ‘collected editions’ in Google Play Books. The deals include Frank Millers Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, as well as the not-so-serious Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1, or the mystery/thriller The Complete Hush as well as other titles discounted to just $5.99 each.

If you’ve been wanting to check out what the caped crusader has been up to lately, it might be worth while checking out the deals in Google Play Books now.

Source: Google Play Books.
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    Yianni soc

    Thanks for the heads up. I bought the complete Hush and Knight fall.


    Wow, they’re some really good deals! Batman/TMNT is a surprisingly awesome story FYI.