According to details provided by Health Canada in their official recall announcement for the Galaxy Note 7 in Canada the number of reported incidents involving a Galaxy Note 7 has now risen to 70 from the original 35 a week ago, and that’s just within the USA. Samsung is working with the Canadian authorities to coordinate an official recall of the faulty device.

The filing also shows that Samsung may have fairly accurate information about the number of units sold in each region. According to Health Canada approximately 21,953 units were sold in Canada between release and halt of sales. Whilst it says approximately that’s an oddly specific number, and hopefully indicates Samsung will be able to track with some accuracy the number left in the “wild”.

Just in case you needed any more convincing that you should stop using a Galaxy Note 7 a doubling of reported incidents may do the trick. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, DON’T use your Galaxy Note 7, don’t let your friends and family use it, don’t let strangers use it.

We will continue to monitor the issues and keep you up to date.

Source: Heath Canada.
Via: Android Police.
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Jamie S

Yep brick the lot, cut their losses and start working on the Note 8, I say. It’s going to be very hard for Samsung to recover from this one.

Daniel Narbett

Just for fun re editing: “halt” means stop, “Holt” is an author. Also, “and” is a conjunction, “nads” are something else.

“…approximately 21,953 units were sold in Canada between release and holt of sales. Whilst it says approximately that’s an oddly specific number, nad hopefully indicates…”

Newcastle Guardian

Without repeating what I said a number of days ago here on Ausdroid, it’s been noticeable that Sammy’s language and tone of their messages has gradually escalated which as I said back then, lead me to believe that the problem was far greater than they were letting on. Whilst the initial figure of 35 firey cases might have been the case, and that was world wide, now it’s grown to 70 cases in the USA alone, then there are at least 2 cases we are aware of in Australia. What about all the others, which I’m sure there are, that… Read more »


Hate to say it … But it’s time for Samsung to bite the bullet and OTA brick the radio of all note 7 phones. I know there was a lot of opposition to this proposal on here a few days ago but I tell you what if I’m on a plane and a note 7 blows up and brings the plane down (a bit extreme and unlikely) or at least caused it to be diverted and cancelled I’d be mighty pissed off.
Return your bloody note 7 people!


yep brick every single one. There’s a heap of people still not returning them. Samsung also need to give everybody some answers, not just promise when the replacements will be available.


I was one of those who opposed the OTA bricking/disabling on the article a few days ago. However, this is worse than what I had originally suspected. I read earlier today some poor 6yo kid got burned from one and had to go to hospital, now this report. It seems much more common than what I originally thought was a ‘rare’ occurrence.

While I think force bricking the devices should be an absolute last measure (and will cause mayhem with consumers)….if it means that or more injury to people or damage to property….it might be the right choice.