How fast can you order a pizza? Chances are it’s pretty fast if you’re accustomed to the app, but Dominos is trying to make it even faster launching the Zero Click app for Android and iOS aiming to lessen the amount of clicks and time it takes to get a pizza delivered to you.

It’s pretty simple, simply have a payment method saved in your account, and then open the app and you can either grab your favourite order or one of your last 4 orders by simply letting the 10-second timer run out. Once it runs out, your pizza is ordered and on its way.

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said

Domino’s has always tried to make online ordering faster and easier for our customers, from two tap ordering on smart watch to SMS ordering, we’ve been crunching down the time it takes to order – giving our customers back their time.

The app does let you pause ordering, so you can make sure you’re getting what you want, but apart from that it’s pretty straight forward – let the timer run out and you’re done.

The iOS app gets a few features which would be handy on Android, namely Siri integration – I’d love to see an ‘Ok Google’ option – as well as support for TouchID so you can’t accidentally order a pizza without confirming it with a fingerprint. Thankfully Dominos has advised that these are features that are in development for Android users as well, though no date has been announced for their arrival.

If you want to try out the Zero Click Dominos app you can download it now from Google Play and try it for yourself.

Zero Click
Zero Click
Price: To be announced
Source: Google Play.
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    Interesting, but with questions… Does this factor vouchers into the equation? I wouldn’t want to make an order with a voucher, re-order a month or two later but the voucher is expired and I get charged full price for the same pizzas. I’d rather a whole new order with a new voucher for the same pizzas otherwise… Something to look into if considering using this.


    So, it’s slower than the 2 tap app, because you have to wait for the timer. ;-P

    I do like how Domino’s is driving the innovation though. Full credit to them.