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After introducing speed limits in Waze to some users earlier this year, Google appears to be bringing the feature to Google Maps Navigation, at least for some users in the US.

The speed limit showed up for at least one user on reddit, who claims he’s in the standard Google Maps release and not in the Beta. The user was in the ‘Bay area’ around San Francisco, so it could possibly be on a slow rollout schedule around Google’s HQ in Silicon Valley.

In the screenshot of the new feature shared on reddit, the speed limit icon in Maps Navigation mode looks like a US speed limit sign. It’s possible this could get localised if it rolls out to other regions and countries – but it does appear to be a US-only feature at this stage.

There’s always exciting features being added to Google Maps – and speed limits are a very much requested feature for the Google Maps navigation team. We’d certainly welcome the inclusion here in Australia too. If you start seeing speed limits in Google Maps navigation, reach out and let us know.

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Via: reddit.
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    Sorta in the same vein as this post: I just started seeing lane guidance pop up in Google Maps while navigating around Melbourne. Has anyone else had that feature turned on yet, or is that old news? I was aware it was available in the U.S., at least, but hadn’t heard anything about Australia.


    Yep it turned up today for me in Melbourne. Definitely not there yesterday.

    miguel guerrero

    This has this been a feature of here Maps (now Here we go Maps) for some time, a really useful feature which would be great for Google to pick up.


    How I hate people saying X has had Y feature for ages in a comment thread about Z product.


    Does anyone else have speed limit’s in Waze in Australia? I know it was announced in March for the US, but haven’t seen any announcements locally?

    Max Luong

    Yup, it popped up for me a few weeks ago.

    Dennis Bareis

    No one has mentioned being able to set up speed alerts or even if the color changes when over the limit.

    Max Luong

    Waze has been doing this for a few weeks now. It changes your speedo to black when you’re speeding which is hard to read, making it annoying for someone (not mentioning who here… :D) who is always speeding.


    Would be great to see this here..