Thursday , October 19 2017

Google moves ‘Google for Work’ brand to the Cloud


According to a report from paywalled site, The Information, Google will be rebranding their enterprise focused ‘Google for Work’, aka Google Apps, as Google Cloud. Google For Work/ Cloud encompasses email via Gmail as well as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, Drive, Springboard (the search engine not the iSO launcher) and other enterprise tools and solutions. It’s basically the Google stuff we all enjoy for free but not free with admin controls and other goodies.

We here at Ausdroid run our daily workflows across Google for Work as part of our toolset. Why rebrand? Who knows, perhaps the easy to understand Google For Work was not confusing enough people so a more vague and less descriptive name of Google Could was determined to be better? More likely it was felt that the Cloud brand would be more appealing to those who make the purchasing decision.

Overall it appears as if nothing else will change here apart from the branding. If the sources are correct we may see this change start rolling out from September 29.

Are you excited for Google Cloud? Let us know below.

Source: TheInformation.
Via: Android Police.

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Daniel Narbett
Valued Guest
Daniel Narbett

Maybe they’re rebranding to Google Cloud so they can later release ‘Google Near-Earth Orbit’, a new premium-featured for-work suite ; ) With an intranet browser called ‘Moon: get a new face on your organisation’…

(Not enough coffee yet today apparently)


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