Digital Skies
After advising consumers to avoid the online retail presence of their electronics stores, Android Enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur last week, parent company Digital Skies Group has been in contact with NSW Fair Trading to attempt to work out the issues.

At least one of the companies run by the Digital Skies Group, Android Enjoyed, was listed at number eight on the NSW Fair Trading Public Complaints Register for the month of July with 18 complaints levelled against them by consumers in NSW. Though only one of the companies run by the Digital Skies Group, the warning from Fair Trading was issued against all three after Fair Trading experienced issues contacting the company.

According to NSW Fair Trading they are investigating ‘major concerns of customers are addressed, including the quality of goods sold, the acceptance of payment without supplying the goods, the supply of goods not suitable for the Australian market. At the time that NSW Fair Trading issued their warning, consumer losses totalling $150,000 were involved.

Since the issue of the warning the Hong Kong based company has been in contact with NSW Fair Trading and engaged a PR consultant to embark on a crisis management protocol to address the issues by customers. According to NSW Fair Trading, Digital Skies Group is also cooperating with them as they conduct a formal investigation into the complaints.

Commissioner Rod Stowe said

NSW Fair Trading is encouraged by our engagement with Digital Skies Group and we are working towards a positive outcome which will assist in protecting all Australian consumers.

The investigations are ongoing and NSW Fair Trading has encouraged anyone who purchased goods from any of the three companies run under the Digital Skies Group – Android Enjoyed, CameraSky, Klukkur, or indeed any others that crop up and are not satisfied with their interaction to contact them on 13 32 20 or via their website.

Source: NSW Fair Trading.