Virgin Mobile
After customers began experiencing issues logging in to the Facebook and Messenger apps on the Virgin Network earlier this month that issues, Virgin has today advised that issues appear to be resolved.

In an update on their site, the issues have been resolved by an update to the service which appears to be done from server side rather than an app update.

Facebook have deployed a fix and we have reports from a number of customers and staff that it appears to have resolved the issue. You should now be able to log in to the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps from your Android device.

Earlier recommendations by Virgin Mobile and Facebook to those affected by the issue had been to either rollback to a previous version of the Facebook and Messenger apps or download the the Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite apps from Google Play, or even try the mobile website.

The fix being deployed by Facebook does indeed appear to resolve the issue for at least the users we’ve spoken to. Virgin is asking that anyone who remains affected by the issues contact Virgin Mobile.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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    Thank god for that, it was awful using facebook lite all that time