Saturday , October 21 2017

Google “Officially” tease Pixel phones for October 4th release


There have been too many leaks about upcoming Pixel phones for there to be nothing coming, until today however there hasn’t been a (official) release date for them.

Thanks to Google teasing the date of October 4th on YouTube and displaying what is clearly a phone shape, we now know the date.

There is very little given away by the YouTube video other than the date, I’m hoping that the morph in shape could signal a potential tablet too. Google too is getting more serious about the date, sending out this tease with the video on social media:

The link points to a site with 5th of October (in Australia), with the outline of a phone and asks you to enter your email address into their list to be notified.


October is coming…

What would put a new Pixel device on your must have list when the October 4th date arrives?

Source: YouTube.

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5 Comments on "Google “Officially” tease Pixel phones for October 4th release"

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i say it every year but… Wireless Charging.
With a metallic back, i have my doubts.
I’m also keen for a watch (with a speaker), and Google Home.

Valued Guest

I’m hoping “made by Google” does then include the Home; had always wanted an Echo but would prefer the Google ecosystem.

Luke Vesty

Yep. A kitten just popped out.

I’m upgrading from a Nexus 5. This is going to be a big deal!

Valued Guest

Me too. Can’t wait!

Valued Guest

Still no sign of any other devices hitting the FCC. Maybe the 4th Oct is just these overpriced phones?

> What would put a new Pixel device on your must have list when the October 4th date arrives?

At that price? A guaranteed lotto numbers predictor.


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