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Google Photos is still one of their best new services introduced in recent years. It’s available to all, and with unlimited storage for photos and videos it’s the almost perfect way to share memories. Today Google is adding better ways to share, as well as introducing new automatically created ‘concept’ movies.

The sharing options are improving, because Google recognises that not everyone uses Google Photos. Now instead of trying to share via an app, you just send a link to the photos or album you want to share and Google does the rest.

If your friends are on Google Photos, they’ll get a notification. If you share via phone number, they’ll get a link to the photos and videos via SMS. And email addresses will get an email with a link from Google Photos.

The new concept movie creations are an updated idea based on the automatically created ‘auto-awesome’ style pictures, gifs and videos we’re used to seeing in the assistant in the Google Photos app. Instead of just working on new photos or videos, Google Photos will go even further using all your photos and videos to create a concept video, something similar to what Google says you’d create yourself ‘if you just had the time’.

There’s three concept style videos announced to start with, with more coming soon. The first style of concept video is aimed at parents, which will build a video that shows your kids growing up based on your Photos history. The others include one that will ‘commemorate the good times from this summer’ while another is aimed at formal events such as weddings.

They Grow up so Fast:

The update with better search and the new concept videos will be coming to Android, iOS and of course to Google Photos on the web. It’s rolling out now, so check your device for updates in Google Play.

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Google Photos
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    Shwetha kodumuru

    It let’s your upload live photos from iPhone 6s plus, but not from samsung s7 live phone m photos ?