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For voracious readers, finding new content to consume can be hard, but today Google is introducing Discover for the Google Play Books app to make content discovery easy.

Discover is aimed at finding new books for you to read by ‘browsing the latest reviews, news, lists, videos and more’. Google will check your history to find what you’ve read to attempt to find you more to read based on what you like. What sort of things will be presented?

  • The best stories from around the web — Is a book being made into a movie? Which novels does NPR recommend this fall? Discover identifies news, reviews, lists, and videos about books from trusted sources around the web, and brings them to readers in an easy to browse way.
  • A smart experience with personalized stories for you — Google’s algorithms will surface just the right stories based on the books you read on Play Books. When you’re reading an article or watching a video, Discover automatically pulls out the books that are mentioned, so you can start reading a free sample or buy the book in just a few taps.
  • Weekly Highlights delivers a roundup of the best stories each week — Short on time? Weekly Highlights is a digest delivered each week, showcasing a roundup of the most important news, reviews and videos of the week, so you are always up to date with the stories that everyone is talking about.
  • Google Play Editorial showcases today’s biggest authors and books — With the launch of Discover we are introducing Google Play Editorial, where readers can find original articles, including author interviews, essays by favorite writers and book selections from some of the literary world’s leading voices. 


The Google Play Books service is wide-spread with over 75 countries around the world able to access it on almost any device including mobile and the Web. With more than 5 million books available, as well as the ability to upload your own, Play Books is an amazing resource for the average book worm.

At this stage, Discover is only launching in the US, and only on Android – for now. Google will be bringing Discover to iOS soon, and we’re hoping to the rest of the world soon after that.

Google Play Books & Audiobooks
Google Play Books & Audiobooks
Source: Official Android Blog.
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    Darren Ferguson

    I’ve got a really long list of stuff on my reading list. Not going to need this for awhile.