Overnight, GoPro has announced its latest flagship action camera, in a line that we’re quite fond of, the GoPro Hero 5 Black. Alongside, the company announced the Hero 5 Session, a cube-shaped mini action camera designed to go literally anywhere. Both cameras go on sale in just under two weeks on 2 October.

Both of these iconic GoPro cameras can capture 4K video, with the inclusion of electronic image stabilisation and even voice commands across a number of languages, all in a camera smaller than a pack of playing cards. Combining some of the best features of GoPro models before it, the Hero 5 Black incorporates a 2-inch touch screen, GPS, three microphones and it’s even waterproof to 30 feet (or 10 metres) without needing a separate case.


The Hero 5 Session could be most simply described as the Black, but without a touchscreen, meaning that you really do need your smartphone or a WiFi remote to control it beyond the most simple of operations. For some, this will be preferred, but for everyone else, the Hero 5 Black is where the choice will lie.

The Cloud option is an interesting one; for a modest subscription (we’re told around $5 a month) users of either Hero 5 model will be able to automatically upload their footage to the GoPro Plus cloud, so that video data can be viewed and edited anywhere. Of course, in Australia this function might not be too useful (especially for video) given our mediocre Internet speeds, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

As someone who’s used the predecessor Hero 4 Black quite extensively, this will be a worthwhile upgrade, and I can’t wait to get my hands on these to capture the family’s adventures, and some of my own stupidity. On top of that, GoPro cameras have proven themselves as valuable event and conference kit.

Australian pricing is pretty competitive without much Australia tax; the Hero 5 Black will be available for $569.95, and the Hero 5 Session for $459.95. Ladies and gentlemen, ready thy wallets.

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Too many things in the wishlist before the year ends. I swear I’m not buying anything next year.