Tuesday , January 16 2018

Pixel and Pixel XL appears in clear images for the first time


So in usual form of the silly season leading to the release of Google’s new phones, we’re getting more and more leaks near daily.

Its a really exciting time for those of use who look forward to the release each year and with Pixel phones on the horizon, there’s been more than a few excited conversations going on when the blurrycam images started appearing.

It was only a couple of days later we started seeing TPU cases for them which provided further insight into what the phones are likely to look like.

Thanks to an anonymous tip, Android Police have acquired some non-blurrycam images of the upcoming Pixel phones.

Pixel XL


A couple of points of note is the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone in a similar position to the Huawei and LG built devices last year and the seemingly quite large bezels (some people aren’t fond of this). Regardless of what you believe the legitimacy of these images, over the coming couple of weeks we’re sure to see more and more of the Pixel phone so keep your eyes peeled.

What details do you like or dislike on these first non-blurry images of the Pixel and Pixel XL?

Source: Android Police.

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5 Comments on "Pixel and Pixel XL appears in clear images for the first time"

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Valued Guest

Wow, and I was disappointed with the iPhone 7’s -there will need to be a miracle feature to get me to buy one of these…things. Looks like I will be doing something I never expected… buying a Samsung…in Note 7 form.


So the old iPhone is now made by Google with HTC?
Just Kidding!

Valued Guest

well that looks completely bloody boring, it better be waterproof at least or forget it

Valued Guest

Pretty large chin. Is there gonna be a home button? Doesn’t seem to be any front-facing speakers.

Valued Guest

At least there’s no camera bump…? I do wonder what is under te intentionally blurred part of the bottom bezel. Surely not a home button, and the fingerprint scanner is on the back again. Do they have the G logo there on the front then?

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