Google’s answer to the slow-down of the mobile web is Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s an open standard Google created to load web pages faster. Google has been featuring AMP enabled websites in their ‘Top Stories’ section of Google Search for some months now, but starting today AMP optimised pages will now appear in all search results.

AMP pages load fast. How fast? Google says that the median time to load a page from Google Search is less than a second. Ausdroid even supports AMP if you search for content we’ve created because we think it’s that good.

AMP uses slightly different HTML tags to normal, promoting loading content over things like ads, trackers etc. They still load, but the content you want gets there faster. Google also mirrors AMP enabled pages on their servers to serve them up using their own proxies to make sure you get the data faster.

AMP enabled pages look slightly different, but it’s the same good old content – although we’re still refining some things at this end:

If you’re on mobile you can try the difference :

Google has indexed a lot of sites for the launch of AMP from 232 locales in 104 languages, including eBay (US), Reddit (US), Shopify (CA), Konga (Nigeria), WikiHow (US), Cybercook (Brazil) and Skyscanner (UK), covering subjects such as retail, travel, recipe, general knowledge and entertainment.

AMP should be showing up in your search results from today

Source: Inside Search.