Google Search
Those Android users included in the Google Search Beta will be seeing an update, which brings about some changes to the names of Google Now and Now on Tap, and brings the In App Search launched by Google.

The In App Search was launched last month as a tab in Search to allow you to quickly find content on your device such as contacts, music, Books, messages etc. In the latest Google App Beta you can now add it as a shortcut to your homescreen.

To add the In App icon to your home screen, open the Google App, click the hamburger icon and go to Settings > In Apps.

The other changes include the change of name of Google Now Card to simply ‘Feed’, and Now on Tap is called ‘Screen Search’ which is more appropriate to its function. Now on Tap is inarguably useful, but it’s not as widely used as Google would like, so perhaps the name change may encourage more use.

The changes are rolling out now to those in the Google Search Beta, if you’d like to join that you can opt-in here.

Via: 9to5Google.