Finding your documents in Google Drive hasn’t always been easy. The search for documents has been a little lacking for a company famous for their intuitive search. From today though, search in Drive gets a whole lot better with the introduction of Natural Language Processing.

Natural Language Processing is about bringing search more inline with how you speak, or as Google says a ‘fancy way of saying “search like you talk”.’

Finding documents has usually been a matter of remembering exactly what you called a document – otherwise you often get presented with search results full of irrelevant results. With the introduction of NLP you can just search for something like ‘find my budget spreadsheet from last December’ or ‘show me presentations from Anissa’ and you’ll very likely get valid results – and even better, Google says results will improve the more you use it.


The search results will also improve thanks to a new auto-correct feature that suggests corrections to misspelled search terms similar to what you see in Google Search.

The updates are rolling out now, so expect to see this in the next few days.

Source: Google For Work.