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Google has officially announced today that they are replacing the direction arrow in Google Maps with a “shining blue beam”. We first heard rumours of this a few months ago, and now the change has gone live seemingly for everyone. You can check out the new look below.


The new Beam isn’t just cosmetic, it will also indicate how your direction is in real time. IF your compass isn’t well calibrated, you know when it’s pointing one way and you’re driving the other – hey google I don’t drive sideways…much – the Beam will the much wider, this indicates a lack of accuracy in directional position.

To improve your accuracy, PULL OVER FIRST if you’re driving, all you have to do is dance with your phone. Not exactly, you’re all most likely familiar with the figure 8 compass calibration move, simple due that and the accuracy should improve.


I gave this a go this morning, and I have to admit, I think I need more practice, I’m not much of a dancer it seems. The feature looks to be a server side change and should be visible to everyone on Android immediately.

Lety us know if you get your phone calibrated.

Source: Google.
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Wierd, my Maps has been doing this for weeks.

Max Luong

So *that’s* how you do the figure of 8 thing!

Gregory Eden

I do not see it as any better than the little arrow that preceded it. But as long as there is a direction indicator.

Alex Milev

Yep, noticed this a week or two ago,