Google has today announced that Allo is being released, and with that their long awaited Google assistant is also on-board. The Google Assistant is smart, able to tap into the web as well as Google’s own machine learning and your history to offer Smart Replies for your conversations, or dip into your Google account to find relevant information. But the fun stuff is in asking it questions.

You can issue commands to the Google Assistant, telling it to do things and illiciting a fun response. Bear in mind that some of these commands will give you more than one response, so it’s often worth asking again.

First off, it’s always good to get to know your new friend, so you can ask it a bit about itself:

The Google Assistant can help you when you’re bored and get creative:

  • Sing me a Song
  • screenshot_20160921-123500.png

  • Tell me a story
  • tell-me-a-story

  • I’m bored
  • screenshot_20160921-125233.png

  • Fun Facts

Google Assistant has a sense of Humour:

  • You can Ask it a Knock knock joke.
  • knock-knock

  • Ask it to tell you a joke
  • screenshot_20160921-123609.png

  • Or have it do the old ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ gag
  • chicken

Or you can tell it to do things:

  • Talk dirty to me
  • Make me a sandwich
  • make-me-a-sandwich

Or you can explore romantic options:

  • Marry Me
  • marry-me

  • I love you
  • i-love-you

  • Are You Single?
  • are-you-single

  • Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • But it probably won’t help you in your direst need ;):

    • I need to hide a body

    Or you can just ask it questions:

    • What is your favourite colour?
    • When will the world end?
    • world-end

    • What does the fox say?
    • fox

    • Who is your favourite sports team?

    And of course it has some opinions on phones:

    • What is the best phone?
    • best-phone

    Google Assistant will improve, there’s a lot to improve in terms of it ‘Getting the joke’, it needs a lot more Batman and Douglas Adams in my opinion

    There’s going to be improvements all round though, Google has said that Assistant will improve over time the more people use it. Once Allo starts rolling out broadly we can’t wait to see what else you can find.

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      Yianni soc

      Anyone ever think this is how SkyNet begins?