Google’s smart messaging app has begun rolling out from today, with users in India the first to get a taste of the sweet, smart messaging goodness.

Justin Uberti, Principal Engineer at Google and technical lead for Duo and co-lead for Allo has been teasing the Allo launch all week on Twitter and has advised that the launch will begin in India and roll out elsewhere as they watch the server capacity.

We’ve been using Allo here for a while and it’s pretty good. Yes it’s missing a desktop client, yes it’s only available on one device but it’s really, really good and you should give it a go. Want to try it? You can grab it from here.

Source: @juberti.
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    Fernando De Leon

    it seems the link is down?

    Fernando De Leon

    my working..must be cuz my corporate network 😀

    Reuben Fergusson

    Is it just me or is it incredibly annoying that the Allo and Duo icons are not the same size?comment image

    Jamie S

    What launcher are you using (Action 3)? as they appear the same size in the Google Now Launcher

    Reuben Fergusson

    You are a legend. Thank you. I am using action launcher 3. Changed the sizing to default and its now better.

    Jamie S

    No problem, great to see people supporting Chris Lacy too

    Yianni soc

    Thanks for the APK!
    For some reason whenever I goto invite someone it just opens my default SMS app and auto fills “It Worked!” no idea what thas about.

    Also I’m probably missing the obvious, but can I use this as my default SMS app as well? Would love just SMS with assistant built in.