Sony Bravia

Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of embedded Android TV televisions on the market. The TV’s have seen a small update to Android TV since launch, updating from Android 5.0 to 5.1.1 but it’s been very quiet since then, but we should be seeing something new very soon.

The Bravia Android TV sets launched in 2015 garnering a positive reception, with a new series launching this year, a lack of software updates for both 2015 and 2016 models means we’re looking down the barrel of a failed Android update system albeit on TVs not phones this time. The first series of Sony Bravia TVs running Android TV launched with Android TV version 5.0, but since that initial 5.1 update, and now a year and a half later, we’re still there despite both Marshmallow (Android 6.0), and more recently Nougat (Android 7.0) versions of Android TV being released by Google. So where are we up to?

At CES earlier this year Sony announced they would be updating their TVs to Marshmallow, but with Nougat now released, September upon us and October approaching we asked Sony about their plans for updating their 2015, 2016 Bravia Android TV products to a new version of Android TV. Sony advised Ausdroid:

We are currently in the process of making the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update available across our Android TV range. This version of the android OS will be available for the previous Android TV models within 2016.

So we can expect a Marshmallow update for the 2015/2016 models of Sony Bravia Android TV, but what does the future look like? Will we get a Nougat update? Sony advised us

With regards to Android Nougat, we will announce when it becomes available.

Future updates beyond that aren’t clear, and Sony isn’t willing to comment on how long you can expect to receive Android TV updates on your Bravia with Sony said

We refrain from commenting on OS upgrade support periods because the OS is subject to Google’s separate terms and conditions, but we will provide basic TV functions in accordance with Sony’s limited warranty (warranty card).

While this isn’t great news for Sony Android TV owners, it’s definitely movement with a Marshmallow update expected before the end of the year, but no information beyond that.

Google is still building their Android TV platform and while they’ve maintained excellent control of their Android Wear and Android Auto systems updating them as needed on their schedule. The more hierarchical TV industry apparently isn’t however as willing to let Google fully control the software experience.

It’s slightly different with Android TV with Australian models including FreeView apps (not Android TV) apps on the TV for catchup apps from SBS, ABC and Channels Ten and Seven – it’s no way near a stock Android experience. The inclusion of these apps is a valued differentiation unlike many phones which contain unwanted ‘bloatware’, and it’s this experience that I and many other Android TV fans chose and it’s for this reason we’ll unfortunately just have to wait for an update.

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    It’s a miracle! They have finally released these updates in Australia!
    I’m using a KD-65X8500D and have just updated to Andriod 6.0.1. FINALLY!!!
    Now only another 3 year wait for Andriod 7?!?

    Chris Dawson

    Anyone got this yet? The little icon explaining updates has now disappeared off the home screen 2 weeks ago, but still no update. KD-55X8000C

    Yianni soc

    exact same experience here, with the same model. It also reset some of my settings when the update icon from my homescreen disappeared. Pretty poor form.
    I don’t mind downloading it and manually updating, but Sony Australia’s website doesn’t even have the downloadable update available.

    Yianni soc

    End of march, and still don’t have this update.
    Model KD-55X8000C
    Purchased November 2016.
    Shouldve known not to get a clearance model!


    I’ve got a KDL-75w850c and still haven’t seen the update. It’s beyond ridiculous how terrible their support is.


    I just got a a new 4k 65X930D from sony which was made january 2017, and it came with the new 6.0.1 version. This is the PGK3.711.0120NAB installed. It work awesome. I hoep they release this update soon for my 55″ which i got like 3 months ago and still have version 5.1.1


    Did you download Kodi it works great on it.

    Marcus Lindberg

    I have the XBR-65X930D, says TV software update in an icon on the home menu, when clicked it says coming after December 2016, so here we are about to be February 2017 and ……. where the hell is my update? Your best bet is to build a PC and buy an Nvidia GPU 10xx and bypass relying on TV OS for anything but changing inputs, problem solved!


    I have a Sony Bravia 4k XBR-65X850C and I can’t update my apps onto my tv get the update but is taking longer

    Brad H.

    January 17, 2017 and my 2015 X8500C and my 2016 X9300D haven’t been updated yet. Clap clap Sony. This, coupled with the Video app aspect ratio forced stretch bug that was introduced in a November 2015 update (that still hasn’t been fixed in Jan 2017) makes me really hate myself for being a Sony fan.

    Stuart Gardoll

    Is doubly annoying since the US models got the Marshmallow update on the 6th December. It’s pretty rubbish that we’re having to wait over a month longer.

    Jaime Edward Rawson

    Mines getting updated now. Taking about 30 mins so far. From UK

    Tormod Aarlott Digre

    Yes. Same exact problem.

    Mayank Gupta

    Hi, can anyone please confirm if Sony will update 49X8305 (relased in 2015) to Marshmallow ?


    MM is here…
    comment image


    Just checked. 6.0.1 has been released.


    I got my update (65X850C). Not sure if it’s 6.0 (I’ll check when I get home today) but lots of good changes. 1. TV Guide is now semi clear. Can still see what’s playing while in guide mode. Also, the sound does not go out and then come back 10 seconds later when going to the Guide. The sound now stays and doesn’t change. 2. Google Play Movies is added as channel 1.1! Makes your tv guide feel more complete. Anytime you tune to channel 1.1 (Sony TV Guide), new movies trailers are playing (and when you change to channel… Read more »


    I have the same set and I am more than a little curious if you are having issues with the guide crashing. I am. The new guide is great but it keeps crashing. It might be because I allowed Pluto into the channel lineup…which is awesome on the face of it because it lets you scroll through all those channels after your regular OTA stations, but terrible if you can’t access things once the guide has crashed.


    No issues with the guide whatsoever. What’s Pluto?


    Pluto is a pretty neat streaming station guide which is setup to look like a cable station browser. It’s about 60% crap, just like cable…BUT there is some really good stuff there too like music channels and MST3K. Extra nice that those channels can appear in the guide. You can also add in Google Play TV & Movies which feels like a PPV channel.

    Darren Hunter

    Just updated my Sony Android TV KD-65X8500C It is still at Android Version 5.1.1 Honestly this is hopeless from Sony – I am so unimpressed with Android TV. The TV recording is terrible. There is no Live Recording feature so you can simply rewind you current show or pause it. No PIP. I just came back from my mums how has an LG new TV – I plugged a USB HDD into the back an bang – everything just worked. Live Recording. Nice Recording Menu. PIP. Make Android TV look like a JOKE Never again What was even in the… Read more »

    Vladislav Stehno

    So are those updates related to Android 6.0?

    Michael B La Jesse

    Just updated. Does anyone know what the update is all about.


    mee too XBR55X850C uodating now!! hoe it does not crash anything….


    Just updated – but on closer inspection the version is still 5.1.1. Has anyone actually seen an update for Android 6.0 come through?


    My XBR55X850C just got an OS update. Awaiting ot to finish to see the version.


    did you check the version number after the upgrade – mine still said 5.1.1 – no 6.0!

    Michael Refalo

    How about updating the older Bravia models, 2015 ones, to android TV, as the old OS is horrible…


    Non android models from 2015 (w70c and below) can’t be upgraded to android since there’s no HW to run android in them.


    and what’s up with the Android 2015 Models? I’m still waiting for this update.


    I really hope that it will come out soon. 2016 models did get the update 2 weeks ago.


    Anyone know if non-Nexus Android TV boxes are any better with updates? Thinking of replacing my Nexus Player with the Xiaomi Mi Box when it’s released but not if it means late firmware updates.

    I don’t know how even with Android TV being unskinned by manufacturers compared to Android on Phones, Google is still in a situation where nobody rolls out their updates.


    If you want fast updates then go with Nvidia Shield


    For the KDL series of TVs, they only just got google cast working perfectly on my tv so I would actually be happy if it never received another update at this point 🙂
    (i used to have to power cycle the tv at the wall everytime I wanted to use google cast)

    As others have said, whilst an update to the TV would be nice, it’s not critical as right now nothing is broken. Sony updated this TV every month earlier this year to fix broken stuff, and now that it is all fixed I’m pleased with how it’s going.


    yea… I’m not sure what 6.0 would offer. My TV is old enough they may just give me one marshmallow update and screw it up and leave it at that.


    The mediatek chipset in the sonys just has no single threaded performance so ui navigation is too slow. Hopefully someday they start adding a faster processor to these tvs

    Shamoy Rahman

    The XE9000 series will fix that 2017.


    Doesn’t look like that, same X1 Extrem processor 🙂

    Shamoy Rahman

    X1 Extreme processor is awesome, its the same one used in the ZD9.


    Ive so far actually loved the android tv experience on my 9300d even my wife finds it easy to use for youtube, plex netflix etc. voice search across all the different apps is awesome too. Would I like to see an update to a newer version of android?…..of course I would, but what features will it add that im missing? cant think of any really.

    Dwayne Wilkinson

    How do you find the remote? We’ve had our telly for nearly 2 months and the remote isn’t responsive at all. I think the batteries may already be flat. That is bloody quick given other remotes I’ve had from Sony have seen the batteries last for well over 12 months.


    something may be up with your remote. ive had mine about 2 months too and with heavy use, its been perfect, no real lag and same batteries. only fault ive had with the tv was the infra red sensor became unresponsive twice when i first got the tv and i had to power it off, but since then, its glitch free.

    Brad H.

    I love Android, but Sony’s implementation of Android TV on my 2015 65X8500C is rough at best. The time it takes for an input to garner a response is agonising, it’s glitchy with force closes or just straight up returning to the home screen without an error, and the start up time from cold boot is slow, and the stock Sony video app stretches all content to fit the screen with no options to disable it or control it. It also doesn’t respond with the remote half the time. Not sure if it’s the coding or the hardware running it… Read more »


    Has your TV had updates? I have the kdl65w850c, i’ve had regular updates and although it was pretty bad in the beginning it’s great to use now.

    If your not receiving updates perhaps use ethernet instead of wifi and check for updates manually. The Sony TVs are 100% more stable using ethernet.

    Alan Cramer

    I’ve been greatly disappointed with my Sony Bravia Android TV since I acquired it. Really should have gone the shield player route instead.


    What’s wrong with it? I got one late last year and rather like it. It’s not perfect and can lag a bit now and then, but for iView, Plex, YouTube, Google Music and of course TV it’s all been fine.

    George Lu

    Plex stopped working in my Android TV recently (it says that it cannot find any Plex server?!). Not sure why. My other apps work with the Plex server. Anyway, would love if there is an update… otherwise, what’s difference with other TV platforms? e.g. Samsung, LG….

    Alan Cramer

    See Brad H’s reply to get an idea. Beta product at best.

    Daniel Tyson

    I would like updates, but the fact I get all the TV Catch-up apps to use means I`m willing to use it as is. Just hoping they update it soon.


    Out of note, does that include the 9 app? Does it require you have a login to use? I don’t understand why their website catchup version needs a login, and they seem to have very few other apps outside of that and iOS/Android (i.e. no Xbox or PS one far as I know).


    No login is required to use 9now on the TV – it has a script when you open it that auto logs in to 9now so I’d imagine it’s one shared login for everyone’s TV – the usage is anonymized.


    I think you are dreaming. As many problems as Sony has had on their 2015 A android TV’s, an upgrade to Marshmallow is NEVER going to happen. Its the phone companies all over again. I can’t even use my Bluetooth headphones. This is how bad Sony has butchered the lollypop OS. Its a nice thought, but just like cell phones, buy the TV with the operating system you need. There are never any guarantee’s, especially with Sony. This isn’t Samsung people. Its not even Apple…


    Why? A number of people can’t stop complaining about the shield player on whirlpool that this or that app isn’t available for it. You’d be far better off with a apple tv, telstra tv (roku), or android box off ebay