With Australian replacement stock of the Galaxy Note 7 due for arrival and distribution today Vodafone is the first Major Australian Carrier to announce their timelines for getting replacement Note 7’s into the hands of waiting users. Vodafone is expecting stock to be delivered to all Vodafone stores from Friday 23rd September (this Friday).

If you have already turned in your device, then good for you firstly, and secondly you should be receiving a text message from Vodafone starting from Thursday 22 September, aka tomorrow. You will be advised when and where to go to pick up your new Note 7, remember if you got a loan unit you’ll need to bring that back if required.

For those who haven’t yet returned their units, we sincerely hope you’re not using it, you can either drop by your local store or call ahead to arrange the exchange of your new Note 7.

For those who have decided to note get a replacement, Vodafone will either sell you a new device or refund all of your handset payments and allow you to cancel your contract.

Let us know once you’ve got your new device.

Source: Vodafone.
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Fernando De Leon

wondering when will they be back on sale..
the speedier Samsung is the better otherwise the Pixel or iPhone will catch my eye..
yes the bloody iphone..

David Berry

I want my note 7 now. Loved the iris scanner