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Chromecast Audio (2)
Good news everyone, if you’ve been wanting to kit out your various speakers with Chromecast Audio, now is a good time to do it with Kogan (nee Dick Smith) selling Chromecast Audio for $43.20 through their eBay store.

The deal is part of the eBay CUT20 discount, which lets you take 20% off any purchase from Bing Lee or Dick Smith eBay stores simply by applying the CUT20 code at checkout when you pay with PayPal.


The Chromecast Audio from the Dick Smith eBay store is priced at $54 and shipping is free for the deal. So once you apply the 20% discount, your total will be $43.20 – that’s a good deal compared to the usual $59 price tag.

We’re big fans of the Chromecast Audio here at Ausdroid. If you’re not totally familiar with what it is Chris talked about why it’s Cool and why you should care about it in his look at the device back in February.

If you’re in the market for a Chromecast Audio head over to the Dick Smith eBay store now – or head to the CUT20 promo page and look at what Bing Lee and Dick Smith have to offer.

Source: eBayeBay CUT20 Promo.
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    Terrible price!!! They are $35 on Google with free shipping. They are in stock too.


    Huh? It’s showing up as $59 on Google Play for me. Are you looking at the right country site?


    Whoops… I didn’t look closely at it as my phone suggested this page. I am in the US so that makes more sense.


    No problems Nathan, welcome to Android Downunder, you’re always welcome 🙂


    Thanks for this post, ordered one. Also ordered the Chromecast 2 from BingLee as part of that same offer. 20% off both. 🙂


    If I don’t have any speakers lying around at home, any suggestions on decent cheap options to use with Chromecast?


    when you plug it into your TVs HDMI, it uses the tv’s speakers… unless i’m completely misunderstanding your question?

    Jamie S

    Sweet deal. You can get a new Panasonic – DMP-UB900GNK – Ultra HD Blu-ray Player from Bing Lee for a shade over $800 too if anyone is feeling lucky and wants to ask their wife/husband for forgiveness


    dicksmith is now kogan, so might be a bit lag regards to warranty claims