Popular storyfied running app Zombies Run is expanding into board game territory with a new Kickstarter project that’s just launched.

Zombies Run is an ultra-immersive running game and audio series that turns every run into an adventure. You follow the series along each time you go for a run to help save your community by running out into the zombie infested wilds. With their new Kickstarter campaign though, you’ll be able to follow the adventure at home.

The Zombies Run board game will be for a between 2-4 player team, with a real-time, audio-driven adventure playing out that will need you to rescue survivors, uncover secrets, and find a cure.

The game will use the Zombies Run app to power the game, so you’ll hear the zombies getting closer, or hear fellow survivors and have to react accordingly. Games can last from 30 minutes, or go as long as 30 hours – how you play is up to you.

The expected launch date is December 2017 (that’s next year), due to the need to write and record an awful lot of audio’ and then test it out. The team wants to deliver a great product, and they’re still producing episodic content for the Zombies Run app as well, so they’re multi-tasking.

Pricing for the Zombies Run Kickstarter start at £26 (around $45AUD) with shipping anywhere in the world. If you’re a Zombies Run fan, then this could be something of a fun night for you and some friends.

So far the Kickstarter has attracted 544 backers, raising £29,624 of £50,000 goal with still 28 days to go, so it’s looking good for this one. Zombies Run started its life on Kickstarter, and the team is confident they can ship board games out worldwide.

Ift is sounds like you, head over to the Kickstarter page to check it out.

Source: Kickstarter.