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Google has announced that Google+ is now a core Google Apps for Work service when used within a domain and that it will included for current existing and future Google Apps agreements for most customers. By doing this Google has stated that Google+ app will have the same technical support and service level commitments as any other core service, such as Gmail or Google Drive.

To highlight the potential of Google+ as a Google Apps for Work service could bring with into existing and potential future clients, Google has made a list of the following benefits:

  • Domain-restricted content and activity will be handled as specified in your Google Apps agreement
  • Google+ will be compliant with the terms, conditions and service levels defined in the Google Apps
  • Technical Support Services Guidelines and the Google Apps Service Level Agreement
  • Google+ will be added as a monitored service to the Apps Service Dashboard (ASD)
  • In the coming days, Google+ will be removed from the list of Additional Google Services and added to the list of Google Apps services in the Admin console

Though Google has stated that existing clients will see changes to the way their service is maintained going forward to help Google provide a consistent service within the protections of Google’s Apps agreements. These changes include:

  • All web users on a computer will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of Google+, and will no longer have the option to switch back to the “classic” version
  • Native mobile app versions of Google+ released prior to today’s launch will no longer be fully supported, so users should ensure they have upgraded to the latest versions.

Social media is the new way of both engaging not only customers but also fellow staff members within a business and its seems that many Google Apps for Work domains have found Google+ to be an invaluable tool that helps drive active engagement and cultivate innovative ideas from all levels of the organisation. Furthermore, Google has said that by making Google+ one of the newest core service for Google Apps for Work, that it will provide support and guaranteed SLAs that businesses need going forward.

However there are a couple of things that should your workplace be part of the Google Apps for Work domains need to review before and after Google+ has been made available to your workplace which you can find here.

Source: Google Apps Updates Blog.
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    Phill Edwards

    ??? I’m sorry but this article is so badly written with so many grammatical errors it’s very difficult to make much sense of it. I know you guys are volunteers but there has to be a minimum level of what’s acceptable.