Android Pay

Google’s Android Pay is a pretty straight-laced affair, you’ve got a simple list of Credit and Loyalty cards, a FAB, an overflow menu and a simple animation when you pay. Despite this it seems Google’s whimsy department has gotten around to Googleifying the app  a little.

Being a digital wallet and payment system there wasn’t a lot of room for whimsy but they found the ideal place, they payment animation. Before what appears to be a server-side update when you paid you got a little green tick and a reassuring ting noise.

Now the animation has a random set of Android characters popping out. So far I’ve seen an astronaut and a skin diving Android.

[Update 1] added a shopping Android and what appears to be KD Lange, or just some Android in a checked shirt, you be the judge.

[Update 2] we’ve finally made contact with Major Tom, or whoever the astronaut is.


The Animations first seem to have appeared Friday then disappeared and seem to back as of Saturday afternoon. There may even be a pattern to them I haven’t deciphered. I’ll keep snapping them and updating this post as I find more, just like Pokemon, I’ve got to collect them all!.

If you see any new one’s screenshot them and send them in and we’ll add them to our growing gallery of Android Pay characters.

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No doubt down to the fact it’s Android’s birthday this weekend. Sadly I’ve not seen them yet. Anyway, Happy 8th Birthday Android. ????????⭐️??✨??