With Google’s massive hardware event just 11 days away, and counting, the hardware rumours are just going to increase. Today’s is a good one. Whilst there has been all manner of hardware leaked for release at the event it’s nice to hear fresh rumours about those devices to increase our confidence it’s all coming. 

Today’s rumour gives us the pricing for the Google Home and Chromecast Ultra, and they are…… $129 USD which is $170 AUD before taxes and local costs for the Google Home, and $69 USD which is $90 AUD before taxes and local costs for the Chromecast Ultra.
We’re guessing that will land the Google Home around the $250 – $270 AUD mark when it finally makes it was down under. While at Google IO, our fearless Editor in chief Dan Tyson was able to just casually confirm with Mr Sundar Pichai himself that the Google Home was indeed headed to Australia, just maybe – read not – at launch. The question is will it be 2 months later like some OEMs make us wait, or more like the 9 months we waiting for the original Chromecast? We hope closer to the former!

The Chromecast Ultra will probably come in under $100 AUD – read $99 AUD fingers crossed . It seems the Ultra will bring both 4K and HDR to the table but even those two feature don’t explain the almost doubling of price. Perhaps Google has some more surprises in store for this device?? Any guess or wild speculations anyone?

It is definitely shaping up to be a truly exciting , and considerably expensive time for Google hardware fans.

What Google hardware are you looking forward to and why? Let us know below.

Source: Android Police.
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Yianni soc

I’m thinking (and it’s broad thinking) that chromecast ultra will be “Android TV on a stick”. Makes sense with nexus player no longer available, and the price point. Although a remote would need to be bundled in, at that price I think it’s viable. Takes Chromecast that one step further.


I had similar thoughts, unless its quite sizeable i’m not sure they could build in the required components

Phillip Molly Malone

I know its unlikely but I sort of hope with the increased advertising about the Oct 5 even here that maybe, just maybe, we might get some good news about the stuff they’re producing for the even.

Home is defniitely one of the things on my wish list. A new Smart watch is the other.


Sold. Hope I can at least easily import the Home.

Dawn Crouse, Life Time Fitness

Google is full of morons and idiots. They don’t know what there doing lol .


We’re always open to different opinions and valid discussions, why is this? Please expand.

Dawn Crouse, Life Time Fitness

Google is trounced by Apple in everyway and everywhere it’s no joke and easy too see.


Recognise your kin?

Dawn Crouse, Life Time Fitness

Your fund , your comment doesn’t even make sense lol


“Their” not “there”. Before you call anyone else a moron or idiot ( especially a very successful company) look at yourself first.


Or even “they’re” as is the correct use lol

Dawn Crouse, Life Time Fitness

Who cares


US$129 is too much for what it is, a cheapy bluetooth speaker with a chromecast bolted on (needs to be $99 for the christmas market). It then needs to come in at ~AU$150 here – if they inflate it past $200 they can forget it. Likewise, the chromecast ultra will need either another ace up it’s sleeve, or a price cut, to find success. When you can pick up full chinese 4K android boxes for $40 it doesn’t make sense. Anyone noticed how google are now trying to play apple games? Someone wants a hardware revenue stream to bump the… Read more »